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I prefer all initial contact to be via text - Prior to sending a booking form please text the following details:

  1. Where you are - ie: Manchester - Brussels

  2. How long you would like

  3. What dates/times you would be able to meet

  4. Where you saw my initial advert

  5. If you are only contactable at certain times now is the time to say (if I am in a booking it could be a few hours before I get the chance to reply)


Answering these simple questions speeds up the whole process by enabling me to check my diary for a suitable time to meet. 

Once we have agreed on a suitable time I will ask you to complete a booking form. This not only blocks out my diary but it also confirms you are aware of the services that will be on offer during your massage session and are therefore in full receipt of any boundaries I may have (failing to respect said boundaries will result in the session being terminated with no refund given) 

If you have any problems completing the booking form please tell me ASAP so I can help you & not take it as a sign that you no longer want an appointment.


I understand you may not want to use your own email address. If this is the case, please use: (your phone number)@gmail.com

when completing the email section on the booking form. If you have a need for discretion it may be a good idea to play safe & sign up for a new 'punting' email account (link at the bottom of this page) that way you will not miss out on any special offers or important information. Some guys also have a separate 'punting' sim card that they can just slip into their phone when meeting a service provider.


I need your correct phone number for screening & for final contact on the appointment day. Failing to give your correct number will result in your booking being cancelled!! 

Please text me on the morning of your booking by 9 am to confirm you can still make your appointment. Once I have received your confirmation text I will forward my address details to you.


If you have any questions that I have not covered on this site do not hesitate to get in touch. Text is the prefered method as I am not always able to answer the phone.


Please inform me of what times you are contactable (text or email) or if you wish your number to be deleted after our meeting.


Thank you Gina x


Please respect my boundaries as failing to do this will result in the appointment being terminated with no refund given!


Please follow the link below if you wish to create a new e-mail account to protect your identity on this or any use on this or any other adult site: 

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to request a deposit for all bookings.These are non refundable in the event of cancelation or no show.




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